General configurations for reports

How to configure access & scheduling for a report

  1. In the Access & Scheduling section at the bottom of the report configuration page, select publishing and sharing preferences.
    1. Choose whether to share broader than the admin group. AccessAndScheduling_Image1.png
    2. Select one or more options for when to create the report: right now, when the API calls, recurring schedule.AccessAndScheduling_Image2.png
      Option Description
      Right now The report will load and send notifications as soon as the user publishes.
      On demand via the API The report will be triggered to publish based on the API call.
      Schedule this report The report will be published at a specific time and date. The user can set the report to publish on recurrence.
    3. Enter users to receive the report via email. 


      Insert your email address here, to have a copy sent to yourself.

      1. Only users with TestRail access will receive a link to the report. Admin users can change access permissions later..
      2. To share outside your organization, you will need to insert external email addresses and select whether they receive PDF or HTML copy.AccessAndScheduling_Image3.png


Cloning a report

If a user wants to create a similar report with updated activity or with a slightly different set of test filters, TestRail can duplicate a report so that users can quickly change the details for a new report. 

With a report open, click the Create Similar button on the top right and fill out the report data before publishing.


Exporting a report

At the top right of the published report, users can click on one of three buttons to export the report. 

  1. Print Report

    Opens a printer-friendly version of the report.

  3. Share Report

    Opens a dialog to share the report via email.

  5. Download Report

    Download the report as an HTML or PDF file.

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