Test case versioning

Enterprise users can analyze changes made to test cases over time, making it easier to understand the change history of an area of an application or to follow changes made by test case designers. You can now compare test case versions, as well as restore entire previous versions, to identify changes that were made in different versions. When viewing the change history for a test case, Enterprise users can now:

  • Compare any two test case versions side by side.
  • Analyze highlighted changes between different versions.
  • Restore an entire test case to a previous version.
  • Restore one or more field values from a previous version.
  • Review the full comment history for a test case.

Compare a test case’s version history

To access the Version History section, navigate to a Test Case and select History from the menu on the right sidebar. Here you can choose which versions of the test case to compare. Find a version that you want to look at and click the Compare to dropdown button to select a version to view in comparison.



Please keep in mind that any user has permission to compare test cases. However, only users with edit case permissions can restore test cases.

When comparing two test case versions, a new interface shows both versions of the test case side-by-side. Any differences between the two versions are highlighted in red. You can also select different versions to compare side-by-side.

Restore a test case to a previous version

The reviewer can choose to restore an entire previous test case version, either from the compare view or from the history list. Also, from the compare view, the reviewer can select individual field values to revert only specific changes, as well as adding comments to any test case version. The text icon at the bottom shows the number of comments each revision has.


For tracking purposes, these comments are associated with each version and can be viewed on the compare version. Click on the text image below the comparison to view all comments associated with the test case.

Restore shared test step versions

Inside Shared Test Steps, click on the History button to view previous versions.  Just like with test cases, you can compare two different versions of a shared step as well as restore it to a previous version. Restoring to a previous shared step version can be done from either the history view or the compare view.

This action creates a new Shared Steps version and affects any corresponding test cases using the steps.



The restore option for shared steps only allows restoring the entire set of steps, not data from individual steps. Unlike test cases, shared steps do not have statuses, comments, or assignees.

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