Project-level administration

TestRail 6.6 gives administrators the ability to allow some users the ability to manage TestRail projects without having to grant full Administrator permissions. These additional user permissions will allow the project-level administrators to make changes to users and settings within their assigned projects.

Follow the steps to delegate project administration privileges to users:

  1. Edit or create a user role and grant it the additional permissions to this role.

  2. Assign this role to any users who should have these additional permissions. This role should be assigned as the global role for the user(s).

  3. Assign projects to these users. This is a very important step. These additional permissions will only apply users who have the permissions in their Global role AND to projects which are assigned to those user(s). This will allow users to make changes to projects without affecting projects which they are not assigned.

With the additional permissions, these TestRail users will be able to:

  • Create new users with the ‘No Access’ global role
  • Deactivate existing users
  • Create new projects
  • Edit settings for assigned projects
  • Create and edit Test Case Fields & Templates
  • Create, Edit, and Delete User Variables
  • View the Audit log for assigned projects

These additional permissions will not allow a user to do the following:

  • Create or Manage TestRail administrators
  • Change a user’s global role
  • Use the ‘Forget User’ feature
  • Manage role settings
  • Configure projects which are not assigned
  • Grant user access to projects they do not manage
  • Make Changes to custom fields or templates which would affect projects they do not manage
  • View or Edit other Administration settings (SSO, Site Settings, etc.)
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