Email customization

TestRail sends default email notifications to users based on certain activities inside TestRail, such as being assigned tests or test runs, report completion, etc.

TestRail 6.6 allows TestRail Enterprise administrators to choose which emails TestRail sends out, and also modify the contents of these emails by adding custom text or other contextual data relevant to the email.

To activate or deactivate specific email types for your TestRail instance, simply drag and drop the email type into either the ‘inactive’ or ‘active’ group.


In order to edit the contents of your email templates first choose the template you want to customize from the drop-down menu. Click on View & Edit and you will see the email template.

Click on Edit to activate editing of the email. Here, you can drag and drop the dynamic data you want your email to contain and manually edit the Message Body and the Subject of the email.

To preview your changes, you can send a Sample Email to see how it would look. If you would like to revert your changes to the original email template, simply press the ‘Restore Default’ button.



The email sent for Multi-Factor Authentication (available in TestRail 7.4) is not customizable.

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