Integrate with Jira

This topic explains how to configure the TestRail integration with Atlassian Jira to link Jira issues as requirements or defects, create new Jira issues from within TestRail, and track requirement coverage and traceability. You can also install the TestRail Integration for Jira add-on in your Jira instance to view the status of linked tests, cases, runs, plans, and milestones on your Jira issues.

TestRail integrates with all major Jira versions, including Jira Cloud, Jira Server 3.x – 9.x, and Jira Data Center. Getting the integration up and running usually takes just a few minutes. This documentation will guide you through the process.

Jira Cloud

The TestRail integration with Jira Cloud is like a plugin that extends the functionality of your TestRail instance when enabled. The integration allows you to link any type of issue from Jira (e.g., tasks, sub-tasks, user stories, epics, bugs, etc.) to test cases, runs, plans, milestones and results in TestRail. You can link Jira issues as references or defects. You can also create new Jira issues within TestRail, and configure issue templates with dynamic values based on your testing results. Please look at Connect to Jira Cloud for more instructions on configuring the integration.

Jira Server and Data Center

TestRail is compatible with both Jira Server and Data Center. If you use a TestRail Cloud instance, your Jira Server or Data Center instance must be able to access the internet. Otherwise, simply use a TestRail Server instance hosted on the same local network as your Jira Server or Data Center instance. For instructions on integrating with Jira Server or Data Center, please take a look at Connect with Jira Server and Connect with Jira Data Center, respectively.

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