Configurable backup time & restoration

If you’re using a cloud instance, your TestRail administration console enables you to specify at which time (approximately) your daily backup should be taken, so as to minimize the potential for disruption to your team while the backup process is taking place. Administrators can specify the Preferred Backup Time window, see when the last backup was completed, and in an emergency – restore the last backup taken, overwriting any subsequent changes.


Configurable Backup Time & Restoration is a TestRail Enterprise feature. Please contact us to upgrade your license to the Enterprise product tier to access this functionality.

Setting your backup window

You can access the Configurable Backup & Restore feature via the administration console: Administration > Site Settings > Backups. Select your preferred backup time (UTC) by choosing a window from the dropdown list.

Restoring a backup

Should they need it, administrators also have the option of restoring the last backup of their TestRail cloud instance. The time at which the last backup was taken is shown in the Last Backup Time field (UTC).

Once the backup restoration process has been started (by clicking the Restore Backup button and filling out the confirmation field), the TestRail instance will be frozen. Only administrators will be able to log in and a banner will be displayed informing them that restoration has been requested. Once the data restoration begins, the instance will go into maintenance mode and no users will be able to log in until your data is fully restored.

Once the restoration has been completed, instance administrators will receive a notification via email. From this point, users will be able to access the instance as normal.

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