Managing attachments

TestRail 7.1 introduces a Media Library for your attachments. This means that your attachments now become part of a library from which they can be easily reused in other test cases, runs, test results, and even other projects.

To add an attachment to test cases, runs, plans, milestones, test results, and defect push (where supported), you will see the following icons. TestRail supports uploading any type of file up to 256 MB in size.


Adding attachments

To add an attachment, simply drag and drop anywhere you see either of the icons above to automatically attach the file without opening the media library, or click on the ‘+’ icon to open the media library and browse your existing attachments or upload new attachments from your local filesystem.

Once you’ve opened the media library, there are four different ways to add a new attachment.

  1. Click on Add New at the top of the media library window to browse and select files from your local filesystem.
  2. Click the ‘+’  icon from within the media library.
  3. Drag and drop the file you want to attach anywhere inside the media library space.
  4. Select one of the attachments you’ve added previously from the media library by clicking the radio button on the top right-hand corner of the attached thumbnail.

Once you have selected the files you would like to attach, click Attach to attach them.

Viewing attachments in the media library

Your attachments will be available throughout the current project. After uploading some you will see something like this:


To make the attachments available for other projects, see Attachment Details View.

Once you have a library of attachments, you can sort through them to find the attachments you need, by Date, Name, or Size. Also, you can filter the attachments by File Type, Upload date, Created by, Case, Run, Plan, and Milestone. You can also search for a specific attachment(s) by name.

Attachment details view

Click on any attachment to open its detail view.


On this window, you can change the name of the attachment to make it more easily searchable, if desired. You can also make the attachment accessible on other TestRail projects in your instance using the “Accessible in” input field. Simply start typing the name of the project you would like to share the attachment to or click in the input area to open a drop-down of the other project names in your instance. You can also set the visibility to All Projects from this drop-down.

Besides associated projects, the Attachment Details view gives you further information. Here you can:

  • View the file type, size, and upload timestamp
  • View the unique URL for the attachment
  • Delete the attachment from your instance
  • Replace the attachment with a new one and keep the same name and URL
  • View the attachment in full resolution
  • Download the attachment

You now have the ability to refer to an attachment throughout TestRail and update the referenced attachment in all places using the Replace function.

To learn more about managing attachments as a user with Administrator privileges, see the article on Data Management.

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