Configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


This feature requires TestRail 7.4 or later.

Administrators can require users to log in to TestRail with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  By enforcing authentication with email and popular authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Duo mobile, you’re better protected from stolen credentials being used to access sensitive data.

Enabling MFA

Administrators can enable MFA under Site Settings > Security.


Once enabled, Administrators can require individual user accounts to enter a secure code for each new session. Administrators can require MFA for users by editing accounts individually, or in bulk.


By default, TestRail will send a one-time use code to the user’s email address for each new session.


If you require MFA for user accounts, the users will be required to use an API key for API requests. API requests using an email address and password will fail if MFA is required for the account.

Connecting an Authenticator App

As an alternative to emailed codes, you can connect an authenticator app to your user profile and use a code generated by the connected application. To connect to an authenticator app, navigate to your profile settings, and open the Auth tab:


Press the Connect button to retrieve a QR code and secret key for connecting to an authenticator app:


If you lose access to the authenticator app and become locked out of TestRail, please request your TestRail administrator disconnect the app from your user profile.

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