Integrate with Email

TestRail provides an Email defect plugin. The Email Defect Plugin supports submitting an email to a specified email address. This allows testers to submit a bug description along with one or more attachments to a desired inbox for review or automated processing.

To configure the defect plugin, select Administration > Integration and select Email in the Defect Plugin dropdown list. With the plugin selected, simply specify an email address to which your bug reports should be delivered and save your settings.

When the defect plugin has been configured, a new Push link is shown next to the Defects field in the Add Test Result dialog. Clicking the link will open a popup dialog that enables you to push a bug report to the configured email address without leaving TestRail.


The Email Defect Plugin supports submitting attachments in the email sent. This field can be turned on and off, but cannot be customized. To submit one or more attachments via email, simply drag the attachment to the attachments or description areas of the push dialog or click on the area to choose an attachment from your file system.

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