Installation on Docker: Getting started

Quick start with script

Follow these steps:

    1. Run
    2. Type in two passwords – one for the “normal” database user and one for root
    3. Wait a few moments – TestRail will be downloaded and set up

TestRail should be accessible via the following URL: http://localhost:8000

Finish the installation through the web UI (use the values printed by installer at the end)

Running TestRail using docker-compose

The compose file is configured via environment variables – it’s suggested to use a .env file. More about a .env file is available on the Docker env files documentation.

    1. First, create a .env file with at least the mandatory variables for:
      • DB_USER
      • DB_NAME
      • DB_PWD
      • DB_ROOT_PWD
    2. Next, run docker-compose up (it will take a few minutes the very first time).
    3. TestRail should be up! Access it via: http://localhost:8000
    4. Re-enter the values you specified in the .env file when the TestRail installer asks for the database settings.
    5. To remove the instance, press Ctrl+C and then run docker-compose down.
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