Overview of dashboard integrations

TestRail allows you to integrate reporting dashboards in third-party applications like Confluence, wiki tools, intranets, and project management applications. To integrate the dashboards, TestRail provides special pages that can be used in iframes. The pages render without any TestRail navigation menus so it’s easy to natively integrate the pages in other applications.

If you are interested in integrating TestRail’s dashboards with Confluence, please also see our separate Confluence integration page.


If you are using HTTPS for your host application (e.g. Confluence, Sharepoint or similar), TestRail also needs to use HTTPS and the referenced URLs need to start with https://. Otherwise browsers will not load the referenced frames.

Available dashboards

TestRail provides two main dashboards that can be integrated in external applications. Each dashboard link can also be customized with various parameters (please see below).

Main dashboard

The main dashboard shows an overview of available projects, the activity chart as well as options to expand projects to review related milestones. Clicking on a project loads the relevant project dashboard. Example address:


Project dashboard

The project dashboard provides a snapshot and all relevant details for a specific project, including related test runs, milestones, recent reports and project activity. Example address:


Parameter reference

The dashboard integration pages support various optional parameters to customize the style of the pages. For example, to include a border around the integration page with additional padding, the integration link could look like this.


Please see below for a full reference of supported parameters for the different integration pages.

Parameter Example Description
padding padding=10 The padding TestRail should add to the main container element.
margin margin=10 The margin TestRail should add to the main container element.
border border=10 The border width TestRail should use for the main container element.
border_radius border_radius=10 The border radius TestRail should use for the main container element.
border_color border_color=c0c0c0 The border color TestRail should use for the main container element.
border_style border_style=solid The border style TestRail should use for the main container element.
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