Installing SQLsrv PHP extension

To connect to a SQL Server database when TestRail is installed on a Windows Server system, you need to install the Microsoft SQL Server Driver for PHP (called sqlsrv). This new extension is a high-performance driver optimized for PHP and SQL Server 2012, 2016, and 2019. TestRail doesn’t support the legacy SQL Server driver mssql that is still shipped with some PHP distributions.

The easiest way to install the sqlsrv extension is to install it together with PHP by using the Web Platform Installer as per our PHP installation guide. If you have already installed PHP on your server without using the Web Platform Installer, you need to manually install this extension. You can download the driver from Microsoft’s website.

After extracting the files, please copy them to your PHP’s ext directory. To make PHP load the extension, just add the following line to your PHP.ini (this is for the non-thread-safe version of PHP, which you are most likely using when you have installed PHP to use IIS FastCGI, which we recommend):


The driver also needs the ODBC Driver to be installed, so make sure to download and install it:

After you activated the extension in the PHP.ini configuration file and after you installed the ODBC Driver, please restart your IIS web server. You can check if the extension has been successfully loaded by running the phpinfo() function.

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