Enterprise Server Installation

Adding auditing functionality to TestRail (version 5.7 or later) means the installation process has a couple of adjustments. Depending on whether you’re upgrading or installing TestRail for the first time, please review the instructions below. If you’re using our cloud version, all this is taken care of for you – auto-magically!


Single Sign-On is a TestRail Enterprise feature. Please contact us to upgrade your license to the Enterprise product tier to access this functionality.

Follow the TestRail installation guide for your operating system, but with an additional configuration for storing externally written audit log files:

Upgrading TestRail

      1. Ensure you have backed up your database before upgrading.

      2. Click the Update button.

      3. No external logging option present in the Auditing tab.

      4. Open your config.php file

      5. Add the following line:

        define('AUDIT_PATH', '<path_to_your_audit_directory_here>');

      6. Save the config.php update

      7. External logging is enabled when the checkbox is checked.

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