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The Gurock Customer Portal is the customer interface used to manage your TestRail purchasing details, such as your TestRail license key, viewing your monthly fees, invoices, as well as contact details.

The Customer Portal ( is connected to the Gurock Software company website. TestRail is a wholly separate application and so it requires unique login credentials. In order to be added to the Customer Portal, please contact us here.

Accessing the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is the interface setup to access all billing-related aspects of your TestRail licensing details (via Keeping the Customer Portal separate from TestRail itself allows you to have billing contacts (such as an Accounts Payable representative or corporate buyers) access subscription or license details, invoices, as well as monthly statements, without needing a TestRail login.

In order to access your Customer Portal account, please navigate to within your preferred browser.

  • View active TestRail Licenses under Overview > View Licenses
  • Access license keys under Overview > Licenses & Downloads
  • Review Subscription details under Overview > Subscriptions
  • Update contact information under Overview > My Account > Update Account Settings


If you require access to this interface, please contact us here.

Subscription and billing options

Gurock Software provides multiple subscription options so that you can choose what billing frequency and method fits your team best. The options depend on how you would like to deploy TestRail for your team (TestRail Cloud vs. TestRail Server), and what type of payment method you would like to use.

TestRail Cloud

  • Monthly subscription
  • Annual subscription

TestRail Server

  • Annual subscription

TestRail Cloud – Monthly Subscriptions

1. How does billing work for subscriptions that are billed monthly?

Monthly subscriptions on TestRail Cloud are billed at the beginning of the month for the previous month, based on the maximum number of users marked active under Administration > Users & Roles each month.

2. What happens in case of failed payments?

If charges for the TestRail Cloud subscription cannot be completed, a notification will be sent to the billing contact on file. If the TestRail subscription payment is not resolved within a timely manner, Gurock Software reserves the right to temporarily disable the corresponding TestRail Cloud instance until payment can be provided. Disabled accounts are not canceled, and standard monthly fees will still apply for the duration of the account’s disabled status.

3. How do I activate a TestRail Cloud subscription?

A monthly TestRail Cloud subscription can be activated within TestRail via the Administration > Overview tab. Enter the credit card details for all recurring monthly payments.

The TestRail 14-day trial period will complete prior to the commencement of monthly billing for a TestRail Cloud subscription. The first charge will be prorated based on the time remaining in the month following the trial’s expiration date.

All monthly fees are charged against a credit card linked to the TestRail Cloud subscription on the first business day of each calendar month.

4. How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Your month-to-month TestRail Cloud subscription will remain active unless a cancellation request is submitted by your team. To request a cancellation of services, please contact us here.

TestRail Cloud is always canceled at the end of a billing cycle (i.e. to the end of a month). Please note that data in canceled accounts will be removed after a period of time. We recommend downloading a backup of your data from Administration > Data Management > Schedule Export.

TestRail Cloud – Annual Subscriptions

1. How do I prepay for TestRail?

A prepaid TestRail Cloud subscription can be purchased within TestRail via the Administration > Overview tab by selecting the option Pay for a year in Advance.

A prepaid TestRail Cloud subscription includes a 1-month discount. Therefore, an invoice is provided for 12 months of service for the price of 11 months. This subscription will not auto-renew after the 12-month period.

2. How does billing work?

Once an invoice is issued, the TestRail Cloud prepayment is applied to your account as a subscription balance. Payment for this invoice will be due within 30 days, based on our net 30 payment terms. Gurock Software supports various payment options for the invoice such as credit card payments, bank/wire transfers, or checks. Payment details are listed on the invoice upon purchase.

3. How do I get monthly statements?

We will automatically add monthly balance statements as we deduct them from your balance each month. TestRail is billed at the beginning of the month for the previous month, and billing is based on the maximum number of users marked active under Administration > Users & Roles. You can freely change the number of users that you have each month and make sure to only activate users in the account that you would like to be billed for.

Monthly statements can also be sent to the designated billing contact on file and copies of all monthly statements issued to your account are located within the Subscriptions area of the Customer Portal.

4. How do I close my TestRail Cloud (Prepaid) subscription?

Annual subscriptions are purchased on a 12-month basis, paid in advance. TestRail prepaid subscriptions do not renew automatically as confirmation of renewal is needed by your team. If confirmation of renewal is not received before the 12-month subscription lapses, the prepaid subscription will be canceled.

Please note that data in canceled accounts will be removed after some time. We recommend downloading a backup of your data from Administration > Data Management > Schedule Export.

TestRail Server (annual license)

1. How do I purchase a TestRail Server license for my local (on-premise) installation?

TestRail Server can be purchased on our online shop here.

Alternatively, you may request an invoice or quote via a ticket request here.

2. How does TestRail billing work?

TestRail Server is sold in designated user packs on an annual basis. The number of users available within your TestRail installation is based on the user pack purchased. For TestRail Server licenses, an invoice will be generated, and payment for this invoice will be due within 30 days, based on our net 30 payment terms.

Gurock Software supports various payment options for the invoice such as credit card payments, bank/wire transfers, or checks. Payment details are listed on the invoice upon purchase.

3. What if I choose not to renew my license after the term ends?

TestRail Server licenses do not renew automatically as confirmation of renewal is needed by the TestRail designated contact. If confirmation of renewal is not received before the annual term ends, the TestRail Server license will cease on its expiration date.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Legal Terms, Policies, and Agreements

1. Where can I find legal terms, policies, and agreements related to my TestRail subscription?

All legal terms, policies, and agreements related to your TestRail subscription can be found on the Gurock Software legal page hosted by our parent company, Idera. You can access that page at the following link.

2. How can I get a Data Processing Agreement in place with Gurock Software (TestRail)?

If you have a business established in the territory of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland or you are otherwise subject to the territorial scope of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), then you are eligible to accept the Gurock Data Processing Agreement terms. You can view, download, and sign Gurock’s Data Processing Agreement for Customers at the following link hosted by our parent company, Idera.


1. I need a quote. How can I request one?

We are happy to provide you with a quote or answer any licensing questions you may have. You may request a quote via our contact form here.

2. Are there any discounts available?

For TestRail Server, if you decide to purchase a second year or more years together with a license, we offer a 10% discount off the additional years. Please refer to our price list for TestRail Server to learn more.

For TestRail Cloud, the annual prepayment option includes a 1-month discount (12 months for the price of 11). The discount is also included in each renewal. Please refer to our price list for TestRail Cloud to learn more.

3. What are the available payment options?

All TestRail invoices can be paid via credit card, or by wire transfer at your convenience. Our invoices include our banking details for your reference. We can also accept a purchase order.

4. Is there a contract involved with my TestRail Subscription/License purchase?

There are no signed contracts involved with the purchase of a TestRail. However, our standard terms apply to purchases.

5. How do I obtain your vendor registration details?

Gurock Software provides vendor registration details that can be obtained via our contact form here.


1. Can I switch from a monthly to a prepaid subscription?

TestRail Cloud: Yes, you can switch from a month-to-month subscription to a prepaid subscription anytime. Just open a request here and we’ll generate a quote for annual billing based on your team’s current active user count. Once you’re ready, we can generate an invoice based on this quote and apply the corresponding balance to your account. Subsequent monthly charges will take the form of a deduction from that prepaid balance.

2. Can I switch my prepaid subscription to a monthly option after my 12-month subscription ends?

TestRail Cloud: Yes, your subscription can be converted to monthly automated billing against a credit card after your annual subscription ends. We will contact your team directly once your remaining prepaid balance is insufficient for the next monthly charge. If your team wishes to convert the active subscription to monthly automated billing (against a credit card), contact us and we will fulfill the request and provide instructions on how to link a credit card to your account. It is important to note that monthly automated billing does not include a 1-month annual discount.

3. Where can I locate the start and end date associated with my TestRail purchase?

The start date associated with your TestRail license (Server or Cloud) corresponds with your TestRail invoice issuance date (or purchase date). TestRail Server licenses expire 12 months from the purchase date. TestRail Cloud subscriptions (prepaid) tend to last for 12 months. However, this is dependent on the number of active users under Administration > Users & Roles.

Many customers increase the number of users associated with their TestRail instance, thus needing to replenish the subscription earlier than the initial 12-month period.


1. Which deployment option should I choose, TestRail Cloud or TestRail Server?

TestRail Cloud hosted on our servers is the best choice for most teams. With TestRail Cloud, you benefit from our fully maintained, high-performance, and secured infrastructure with automated TestRail updates.

If you need to integrate TestRail with systems installed on your private network behind a firewall, then you might want to choose TestRail Server. TestRail Server also provides you with full control of your data on a private cloud or on-premise appliances. TestRail Server licenses include support, patches, and new updates (no additional maintenance fee). Your team has full control over backups and upgrade schedules.

2. Can I freely change the number of users associated with my TestRail Cloud subscription?

Yes. TestRail Cloud’s added benefit is the flexibility of adding and removing users as needed. Your TestRail user with administrative privileges can activate and deactivate users at any time under Administration > User & Roles within TestRail.

3. I’ve exceeded the number of users on my TestRail Server Instance (e.g. need more license seats). How can I obtain more users?

TestRail Server licenses can be upgraded to the next designated user pack. Just reach out via our contact form here for more details.


1. How do I update the payment details I have on file?

TestRail Cloud (monthly subscriptions only): You may so do by logging into your Customer Portal account ( > Under the Overview section, select Subscriptions.

Next, select the Edit Payment Details icon to update the payment method on file. The following page will provide a secure interface to update the credit card stored on your account.

2. Where can monthly statements and receipts be viewed?

TestRail Cloud: Monthly statements or receipts can be viewed through the Customer Portal at If you do not have a login for the Customer Portal account, feel free to contact us here and we can create an account for you free of charge.

3. Where do I update the contact details associated with my account?

Contact information (name and email addresses) associated with your Customer Portal account are updated by the Customer Success team for security reasons. To add new contacts, submit a request here.

Contacting support

Gurock Software provides ticket-based support via our Customer Success team. We can provide helpful documentation and resources that we wouldn’t be able to provide via a call, as our resources can dedicate additional time to fully investigate any specific question to provide the most comprehensive answer. This also allows us to utilize the full TestRail team as a resource to answer any questions in case any specific use case/scenario question arises that one team member might have more experience with.

You can submit all sales, billing, and technical inquiries via the TestRail support page here.

Your account details

When submitting inquiries, we will often ask for key details about your account to help us locate you information in our systems and provide faster service. The following sections provide additional tips about how you can locate these details, but if you are unsure about what to put, please simply put "not sure" in the form field and we can help!

Detail Description Location Example
Customer number A 5-6 digit string that starts with 'K' and serves as your unique customer ID with TestRail


TestRail instance URL

The address you enter in your web browser to access your TestRail instance (also called 'hostname')

  • For TestRail Cloud accounts, this ends with,, or
  • Web address bar


Version number

The version of TestRail you use

  • Help & Feedback > About TestRail
  • Info panel under Administration




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