Adding users to your TestRail instance

You can add and invite additional users to your TestRail instance, including team members, clients, or external contractors. You can add users individually or in bulk via the Administration area in your TestRail instance or via the Users API endpoints (available starting in TestRail 7.3).

Add individual users

To add and invite additional users, navigate to Administration, then Users & Roles in your TestRail instance. You can either add additional users one by one via the Add User button, or you can add many users at once via the Add Multiple Users button.


Add multiple users in bulk

If you want to upload multiple users at a time, click Add Multiple Users. Simply copy and paste a comma-separate list of names and emails in the input box. You can set the role, group membership, and project permissions for the whole list of users you are adding, or leave values to defaults.


Add users via the TestRail API

If your TestRail instance is version 7.3 or above, you can also add users to your account programmatically via the API. For more information about this, check the user documentation on the TestRail API Users endpoint.

For additional information related to user accounts, refer to the following topics:

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