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Print reports give you the ability to download a quick report of the status of tests & results. Print reports contain information similar to what you can view on the Test Cases, Test Run, Test Plan, or Milestone pages, like a summary of test progress and results for each test. Print reports format the data for you as a report that you can print or save as a PDF. You can customize the data included in your print report and include the detailed information for each test like comments, linked defects, and a history of changes to the test status.

Basics of print reports

The print report capability in Testrail allows you to print a quick report of many common pages in TestRail, like individual Milestones, Test Plans, Test Runs, or Test Cases. .

If you need to, you can print your reports to paper, or you save as PDF to share your reports with stakeholders or people outside your TestRail instance by email.

Print reports can be accessed via the printer icon in milestone/plan/run/cases views. What’s included in the reports varies slightly depending on which page you’re on.

By default, the Print Reports option contains any test cases, tests, or results you’ve already filtered on the page you’re viewing. You can change the filter and sorting for print reports while printing the report as well (see Customize print reports below). 

Customize print reports

You can customize your print reports in different ways by choosing how much detail is included and sorting or filtering specific data in the report (like all tests with a failed status, for example).

Choose to include all the details from your test cases or results in the report (like test status, comments, and linked defect IDs), or just an outline (test names only).


If you select to include all Details in your report, you can see:

  • Test cases: all test case fields like title, description, and steps
  • Test runs and plans: all test result history, comments, and embedded images / screenshots
  • Milestone: all test case fields and test results


Sort print report data

You can sort the print report data by the fields available according to the tab you are reporting from (e.g. Test Cases, Test Runs & Results, or Milestones). Sorting is also available by custom fields. Click on sort and select one field to sort by.


Filter print report data

You can filter the print report data by the fields available according to the tab you want to print from, and some types of print reports have more options available than others. For example, Milestone and Test Plan reports can only be filtered by their link to other Runs, Plans, and/or Milestones. On the other hand, you can filter print reports from the Test Cases page by any Case Field (including custom fields) and other case metadata like “Created by”. Similarly, you can filter Test Run print reports by any test field (including custom fields) and test data like who was assigned, who executed the testing, and the last test result was added.


By default, print reports match the same filters you’ve selected for the data on whatever page you’re viewing when you click “print”. You can also change the filter for your print report after clicking the print icon.


Save Print Reports as a PDF

If you’d rather save your print report as a PDF, click the print icon, then select “Save to PDF” from your system’s print dialogue.


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