Editing test results


As of TestRail 5.7, the Editing Test Results setting allows testers to modify the status of their test results, again – so long as they stay within the existing constraints.

Testers (result creators) can edit test status

When recording a new test result, depending on the Editing Test Results setting applied in the console, testers can for a certain period of time edit the test result they have recorded.

Prior to TestRail 5.7, this setting did not provide testers with the capability to modify the result status. However, with the release of TestRail 5.7, result authors can modify the result status if they need to.


Leads can edit results if they have modify permission enabled

With the Modify permission enabled, testers can modify another user’s test result. In order to preserve a good audit trail for testing outcomes and progress, we recommend that administrators use this feature with a degree of care. This satisfies a couple of key use-cases experienced users of TestRail have long been requesting:

  • Leads or other users with the necessary permissions can make changes to other tester’s results, such as adding further information or removing erroneous or unnecessary details from test results
  • During long-running or complex test activities, tests can be shared. Tester B can take over a test from Tester A if needed, so long as the modify permission for tester B is enabled.
  • Tests can be effectively paused to be picked up at a later time. For example, a test can be given a status of In Progress and then passed/failed later on.

The Modify test results permission can be enabled by administrators using the Administration > Site Settings > User Interface > Editing Test Results field.


Please note that any test modifications must still take place within the period defined in Admin > Site Settings > User Interface > Editing Test Results field. Once the specified time has elapsed, the test result can no longer be modified, either by the original result author, or a subsequent tester with the Modify permission enabled.

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