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TestRail 7.0 gives you the ability to share the same set of test steps across multiple test cases so you can edit a single set of steps instead of having to edit many separate test cases.

How to create a new set of Shared Steps

As long as your team has a test case template that uses separated steps in your project, a new Shared Test Steps button will appear in your Test Case repository. Any sets of test steps added to your list of Shared Test Steps will be available in the separated steps field of any test case in the current project.

There are two ways to create a set of Shared Test Steps:

  1. Create a new set of steps from the Shared Test Steps menu
  2. Share a set of existing steps from a test case

First, as a user with permission to add and edit test cases, click on the ‘Shared Test Steps’ button when viewing the list of test cases in a project or suite:


Create a new set of test steps and give them a name:


Here you can define a name for the shared steps set and select the steps that you want to share. Notice that only consecutive steps can be declared as shared steps.

How to create a Shared Steps set with existing test steps

Also, as an alternative you can edit an existing test case and choose a sequence of steps from the test case to become shared test steps.

Go to edit test case and click on Share.


How to use Shared Steps in test cases

In a new or existing test case using the separated steps field, click Add Step (if you don’t already have any steps added) and then Import:


Choose whether you would like the shared steps to import before or after the step that already existed in your test case, and then click Import steps.

Once you’ve added a set of Shared Test Steps, you can view which cases they are used in from the Shared Test Steps list. Any changes you make to Shared Test Steps in this list will automatically appear on all of the Test Cases they are used in.


Shared Test Steps history

Shared test steps have an associated change history so users can see who made changes to the steps over time. Here you can see the different versions and the details of the shared steps you select.


The change history is available in TestRail 7.3 and later.

When viewing a set of shared test steps, click on the History button to view the change history for the set of steps. This view will show the previous versions of the set of shared steps. Similar to test cases, Enterprise users can compare two versions to each other and restore a previous version. To know more about this subject, please read the Test Case Version Compare and Restore article.

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