Creating new test plans and runs

When creating or editing test runs, there are multiple options for choosing the test cases to include. This article explains the different selection options and their functionalities.



Include all test cases

The default selection when creating any test run is to include all test cases. With this option selected, all test cases from your project (or suite if your project has multiple suites enabled) will be included in the test run. Additionally, if you create new test cases within your project or suite, then these cases will automatically be added to your test run.

Select specific test cases

This option allows you to choose specific test cases or apply a filter to choose test cases based on the specified criteria.

With a filter defined, you have the option to do one of the following:

  • Change your selection to match the new filter (this is the default Set Selection option)
  • Add your filter to the test run’s current selection of test cases
  • Remove the cases matching your filter from your test run.

Dynamic filtering


This endpoint requires TestRail 6.2 or later.


This is a BETA FEATURE. Currently, when setting a filter based on test case sections and custom fields, edits to case sections and custom field values may not always add the cases to test runs (or remove unwanted cases from these runs). As these issues are addressed, releases will be made available for all TestRail customers.

Dynamic filtering allows you to specify a filter for your test cases based on certain criteria. The filter dialog is similar to the dialog for selecting specific test cases, described above.

For each test run with a dynamic filter, you will be able to apply a single filter to your test run. You can also select additional test cases and sections using the left-hand area of the dialog. This manual selection will not create a filter, however. Cases will only be automatically added and removed from your test run based on the filter criteria set.

With a dynamic filter set, any new test cases added to your project which also match this filter will be automatically added to your test run.

When viewing your test run, any newly-added tests are identified by the filter icon .

Additionally, if a test case is updated to no longer match the filter applied, the corresponding test will be removed from your test run.

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