TestRail 8.0.4 Default (7036)

Early Access release track date: 10-Jun-2024

Default release track date: TBA

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail to Early Access customers.

Fixes (83)

This release contains the following fixes:

  • TR-2995 - Duplicate Translation Entity Resources
  • TR-4444 - BDD template does not have the Export to .feature
  • TR-4783 - Deleting Test Plan does not delete Test Runs
  • TR-4785 - Bulk GET API endpoints are missing offset values for pagination
  • TR-5434 - The Rerun Test Plan radio button is not visible on the modern theme
  • TR-5471 - Report outputs description markdown as normal text
  • TR-5472 - No line breaks on Report Description
  • TR-5492 - Login Page Does not Render Markdown Properly
  • TR-5510 - Markdown Formatting for "images (!)" not working
  • TR-5956 - Dynamic Filter not working and providing wrong data
  • TR-6152 - Characters not being properly shown after export
  • TR-6237 - Broken layout for the Defect Status on the Plans Defects page when the status contains a long label
  • TR-6448 - Field Names are retained on Test Cases even when there's no data
  • TR-6462 - To-Dos missing for Test Cases
  • TR-6535 - Print Text Displaying Markdown code for Cases for Details
  • TR-6544 - Error "Field Dynamic Filters is too long" when selecting multiple filters for Dynamic filters
  • TR-6555 - Export to CSV in Milestone/Test Run page does not show Results Field
    TR-6645 - User can't open Test with BDD template in Fast Track mode after a result has been added.
  • TR-6661 - Description for Test case custom field 'checkbox' showing twice in single page view
  • TR-6697 - Update links on the Jira and Assembla configuration in the Integration screen, 
  • TR-6698 - BDD: The user interface is not displaying correctly in the 3-split screen, each Gherkin keyword should appear on its own separate line
  • TR-6734 - BDD: For Test Run & Results, each scenario should have appropriate status when execution results are successfully saved
  • TR-6765 - Test Case counter doesn't show new Test Cases that were imported in a Test Run
  • TR-6772 - There is no scroll on "Error popup" and not all error messages are displayed while importing broken .feature files.
  • TR-6790 - Test Case fields are not visible on Detail view on print report in Milestone section
  • TR-6793 - Page is loading and result dialogue window doesn't close when trying to add result to BDD template case via Fast Track view
  • TR-6794 - Webhooks Guide hyperlink is not active
  • TR-6797 - Error reported when adding BDD scenario during bulk edit
  • TR-6805 - Text is cut on BDD Scenario Results field.
  • TR-6809 - "Actual Result" field has incorrect height property according to text entered for tests with BDD template.
  • TR-6821 - Section Description is not displaying on Detail view on print report
  • TR-6849 - "Working On" Dashboard Dropdown missing translation
  • TR-6854 - "Password Policy" Administation dropdown items missing translation
  • TR-6856 - "Add new defect" missing translations
  • TR-6869 - Project activity dates missing translations
  • TR-6870 - Milestone dates missing translations
  • TR-6873 - "Edit Test Case" screen missing translations
  • TR-6874 - "Create Report" missing translations
  • TR-6877 - Language change success message shown in wrong language
  • TR-6909 - "Back to Shared Steps List" missing translation
  • TR-6910 - "Copy Assigned To" select missing translation
  • TR-6958 - Error appears when trying to import BDD feature file with Step tables
  • TR-7024 - Attachment can be removed/replaced from closed TR
  • TR-7401 - BDD template causes Test Run/Test Case to go unresponsive
  • TR-7443 - Custom fields of Test Cases are not shown in the Milestone print report
  • TR-7564 - Print Report: Links are not clickable and displayed as markdown for some text fields on Print Report view.
  • TR-7571 - Broken attachment is displayed in Detail view of the Print Report in the Test Run section
  • TR-8072 - Attachments can be removed/replaced from Shared Steps present in Closed runs
  • TR-8089 - The TODO page does not show assigned Test Cases
  • TR-8123 - Test Cases - Sorting - 'Unsupported operand types: int + string' error when navigation through section tree is performed upon sorting
  • TR-8135 - Auditing - Configuration and Export tab info is merged
  • TR-8520 - Push new defect - The 'Issue Links' field is not aligned correctly and the label is missing on the Push Defect window
  • TR-8524 - Push new defect - Parent task, Link type, Issue links, Status labels are missing on the Push Defect window
  • TR-8551 - Milestones - Export (CSV/Excel) - Data are not exported correctly to CSV and Excel files for Steps template test cases
  • TR-8552 - Test Case - There is no space between Assigned to and Assignee in the test case
  • TR-8556 - Test Plan/Test Run - Export CSV - Empty csv file is exported (except steps) where test cases are with Steps template
  • TR-8690 - Test Case - Delete test case window - 'Cancel' button is not aligned correctly when the instance language is set to German
  • TR-8696 - Push Defect: Label description is missing in Translation file
  • TR-8810 - Projects with Todos using irrelevant/wrong index runs very slowly and examines large number of rows
  • TR-8828 - Reports - Translation for some filter options is missing (German)
  • TR-8832 - Reports - Text is incorrectly aligned in 'Add column' modal window when German is set as instance language
  • TR-9085 - Test cases - Checkbox case custom field is not aligned correctly
  • TR-9087 - Reports - Extra empty line is added automatically when pressing Enter while adding Report Description.
  • TR-9098 - Dynamic filter: “Invalid filter definition submitted. Please refresh this page” error is shown on new test case creation after creating Plan with empty name and dynamic filter
  • TR-9101 - Milestones/Plans/Runs: Export dialog shows duplicate test fields when exporting to CSV/XLS
  • TR-9104 - Custom field Description - Description of the custom field goes beyond the fast track view block
  • TR-9105 - BDD Results - pystrings are displayed as a code after the result has been edited
  • TR-9109 - Attachments: Attached files are not displayed in test case/run/plan/milestone sidebar
  • TR-9166 - Test Cases - 'No test cases found.' message is shown upon sorting by 'Automation type' option
  • TR-9423 - Reports - Input is duplicated when copy-pasted into the Description field of certain Reports
  • TR-9445 - An error appears when deleting the attachment from closed Run which was deleted via long-press from shared step in the test case
  • TR-9455 - Test Runs & Results - Test Result can be modified in a Closed Run
  • TR-9458 - Windows Linux - An inconsistent error appears when replacing an image on the Milestone page that exists in the closed Run
  • TR-9460 - Test Runs & Results - Attachments disappear temporarily from the test when attachments are being removed from test results
  • TR-9464 - Dynamic filter: filter data is incorrectly saved into DB after creating a Test Plan with an empty name and dynamic filter
  • TR-9466 - Milestone - User is able to delete (via dialog) the very same files that were used in a closed run
  • TR-9527 - Attachment can be removed/replaced from closed Run
  • TR-10438 - API - Attachments in Closed runs/ plans can be modified via API calls
  • TR-10491 - Administration - Error when trying to forget user
  • TR-10498 - Unable to upgrade DB on Windows Server MSSQL installation from older version to 20240522185855
  • TR-10541 - Cannot update identity column 'id'. - TestRail" is shown when TestRail user tried to login with 6th active session
  • TR-10553 - Section - User isn't able to delete newly added attachment (via dialog) in Section/Subsection description in case this Section/Subsection was used in a closed run.
  • TR-10559 - Run/Plan - Layout is broken on overview page when the test contains long title

Security Improvements (6)

This release also addresses the following security improvements:

  • TR-7675 - Some patterns may be vulnerable to ReDoS in formatting
  • TR-7676 - Some patterns may be vulnerable to ReDoS in test data
  • TR-7677 - Some patterns may be vulnerable to ReDoS in file handling
  • TR-7678 - Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • TR-8361 - Prevent RegEx injection
  • TR-8379 - Prevent Json injection

Get access to TestRail 8.0.4

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