Coming soon: UI / UX Improvements

TestRail is improving its web user interface and expects to roll out the changes to both Cloud and Server customers soon. But although these changes are significant, the functionality of TestRail will remain the same as in previous versions. Users can continue working in the same way as before, with some slight adjustments to where things are positioned, and a couple of workflow improvements. The UI / UX improvements are focused on four main areas.

Header bar

TestRail has a new header bar with a new distribution of the Dashboard and Administration tabs. Once you’re on a Project, you will see a new Add drop-down button on the header bar that lets you easily add a Test Case, Test Run, Test Plan, or Milestone (depending on the context and the user permission):


Sidebar menu

To improve UI intuitiveness and overall appearance, the sidebar menu has moved from the right-hand-side of the UI, to the left. The new sidebar also has an improved drop-down menu to change between projects faster and more efficiently:


Below the project switcher, the sidebar includes links to the Dashboard, To Do, Cases, Runs, Milestones, and Reports tabs. 



Test Cases
, Test Runs & Results, and Milestones menu items include their own sub-menu, via which you can navigate to the  Overview, Details, Status, and Defects views. In previous versions, these options were on the right of the relevant view; now they are shown on the sidebar under each section, to provide more user-friendly accessibility.

Administration view

The Administration tab is now accessed by clicking the Admin button on the header bar. When clicked, the sidebar on the left has the same options present in previous versions of TestRail:



If customers are using a UI script that relies on the sidebar being on the right-hand side of the page (or the existing sidebar at all), it will break once these UI / UX changes are applied. This includes the Admin sidebar as well. Users will need to update their UI script to accommodate the new sidebar positioning and elements.

Mode themes

The dark and classic mode themes are no longer available and have been deprecated. After the release, all users will be updated to the new UX, regardless of their previous theme selection. We currently have no plans to make these previous themes available in the future.

 In Beta Now

We kicked off beta testing on January 10th and plan to run it through February 10th, 2024.

There’s still time to join the beta and give us your feedback—sign up here before registration closes on January 25th: UX Beta Testing Signup Form


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