TestRail 8.0.2 Default (3138)

Early Access release track date: 31-Oct-2023

Default release track dates: 02-Nov-2023 to 09-Nov-2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail to Cloud customers containing several fixes and improvements

Fixes and Improvements

Fixes (94)

  • TR-2437 - TestRail’s SAML integration does not work with Azure AD when multi-factor authentication is enabled in the IDP
  • TR-3384 - In a test run, when sorting by Elapsed, there see to be many entries which are sorted seemingly randomly or not in order
  • TR-3591 - GitHub Integration not working resolves to 422 error when pushing defects
  • TR-3725 - Website freezes after uploading an image by drag and drop
  • TR-3847 - SSO users unable to edit user information in TestRail due to security implementation
  • TR-3905 - Some roles appear to be broken. No delete option or permission settings
  • TR-3908 - Deleted Test Cases are counted in the Total number of Test Cases
  • TR-4067 - Dynamic Filter loses Filter Criteria After Saving the Test Plan
  • TR-4082 - links and linktype fields in TestRail Defect Jira integration results to error 405
  • TR-4098 - End date is invalid. End date should be greater than start date' error when creating a milestone
  • TR-4101 - Refused to connect error when clicking a link using custom field link type in reports
  • TR-4117 - "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" error when closing Test Runs
  • TR-4140 - "Migration failed with the error" during upgrade process
  • TR-4203 - Test Plan attached to Milestone is been displayed as Test Run
  • TR-4273 - TestRail for Jira app Samesite issue not allowing users to log in
  • TR-4308 - Ranorex - When trying to Export project to TestRail, returns "Trying to get property 'id' of non-object is thrown."
  • TR-4334 - Issues generating a workload summary report
  • TR-4352 - Classic Theme new line not working
  • TR-4400 - Filter Clears when applied to a Test Run
  • TR-4498 - Test cases updated in "Updating multiple test cases" cannot be compared from history
  • TR-4532 - Undefined offset: 0 error when accessing Todo page
  • TR-4537 - Cannot click image in edit and view mode
  • TR-4556 - Unable to View Test Runs inside a Test Plan when assigned a Tester role
  • TR-4587 - Print Report no longer show Test Suite Description
  • TR-4601 - Angled brackets are being stripped off inside asterisk
  • TR-4623 - incorrect Date Showing incorrect date in project overview
  • TR-4639 - Unable to Copy/Move test cases using drag and drop into section pane on right
  • TR-4646 - Unable to add test run
  • TR-4651 - Error message "Undefined property: stdClass::$shared_step_id" when trying to push Defect to JIRA
  • TR-4667 - Default user role is not selected for new users by default
  • TR-4681 - XML tags and anything inside < > does not show on edit mode
  • TR-4703 - Test Case Filter options does not show if you scroll down to the lower test cases
  • TR-4707 - Test cases layout is broken when sorting is used.
  • TR-4708 - Remove the “Guides & Help” button in the bottom right-hand of the screen
  • TR-4716 - strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, when copying all test cases from one section to another
  • TR-4728 - Error when creating milestones
  • TR-4730 - CSV export shows test cases marked as deleted
  • TR-4735 - Error when adding users to a Group
  • TR-4742 - Getting SQL syntax error when enabling SSO on TestRail server
  • TR-4767 - SSO login is disabled for you. Please login using TestRail Credentials
  • TR-4836 - Error after restoring a test case from History (Versioning)
  • TR-5183 - Edit Milestone changes Start status of the milestone being tested.
  • TR-5298 - Push Defect function fails if custom_steps_separated is included in the Description Template
  • TR-5379 - Right sidebar isn't updated when actions above sections are performed
  • TR-5829 - Data too long for column 'fallback' at row 1
  • TR-6538 - Parameterization partially accessible to Professional plans after downgrade from Enterprise
  • TR-6581 - Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability via Rich Text Editor Link Formatting
  • TR-6607 - Test Run & Results: Edit button should not be present without adding a result for a test case
  • TR-6710 - Error when uploading file to instance
  • TR-6712 - Error: Call to undefined method Test_model::get_change_ids_by_test_id() when User delete attachment
  • TR-6740 - Warning window appears when logging in via SSO (SAML)
  • TR-6750 - Test Run/Test plan - Export to CSV - All cases should be exported
  • TR-6789 - Deleting attachment from Data management - an error occurs
  • TR-6795 - Paste MFA code from clipboard - unable to login to instance
  • TR-6824 - Getting cross icon if add PDF file in Test Case
  • TR-6831 - Cannot delete a Project with Report inside
  • TR-6832 - Cannot delete a Report from a Project
  • TR-6859 - When user save TC w/o select any result in custom drop down field (required) - Att is saved as Markdown format
  • TR-6876 - Saving the case without select the mandatory field - all the attachments disappear
  • TR-6887 - Assigning a User to Test/Case/Run/Plan - no notification is received
  • TR-6890 - Image Attachment deleted from Data management tab - whole list disappears
  • TR-6912 - Reports are not being generated
  • TR-6941 - User can't see attachment while edit Test Case
  • TR-6960 - References are not separated in reference text area while generating reports
  • TR-6964 - Using Test Data in test runs & plans - Variable is not displayed as a link in Test
  • TR-7000 - Variables are not supported for Shared Test Steps
  • TR-7008 - Workload Summary PDF report doesn't contain a graph
  • TR-7011 - Edit Test Result/Comment by adding attachment - attachment disappears from text field
  • TR-7026 - Progress tab chart can't be drilled down
  • TR-7039 - By saving Jira integration - an error occurs
  • TR-7195 - When user delete attachment in TestRail inside TP - array_filter(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, stdClass given - Error appear
  • TR-7308 - User is able to validate an expired MFA code
  • TR-7318 - Syntax error in MSSQL (Windows) query used by forecast background job
  • TR-7329 - Delete attachment from entity's preview - attachments remains in text field
  • TR-7365 - "Precondition" field is missing in "BDD" template
  • TR-7375 - Unable to create an instance from scratch on Windows server
  • TR-7390 - Unable to add a Result to a Test in fast-track view
  • TR-7395 - HTML tags instead of attached file appears after editing a Result
  • TR-7447 - Edit Result - Cannot add an attachment via "Add an image to this text field" button
  • TR-7528 - Page freezes after uploading an non-image attachment by copy/paste into text field.
  • TR-7542 - Test Case - Markdown - Font applied for Step description field (Steps template) differs from the one used throughout the TCs fields
  • TR-7547 - Push Defect: No validation message is shown when Issue Link is added and Link Type is not.
  • TR-7555 - SQL error when creating new test case after permanently deleting test case included in dynamic filter
  • TR-7570 - Push Defect: Tooltip when hover on defect is hidden if text fields of test case contain a lot of text/attachments in Test Results
  • TR-7576 - User variables: Error is shown when creating new variable with empty fallback value after instance was updated from previous version
  • TR-7663 - Test Runs & Results - Table formatting issues. Table added after attachment in Comment of Add result is broken.
  • TR-7671 - Page freezes after uploading any unsupported types of non-image attachment by copy/paste into text field.
  • TR-7694 - Dynamic Filter - Cases are not removed/added from or to runs after some custom field settings have been edited
  • TR-7712 - Test Suite & Cases - "Add Section" pop-up doesn't disappear after new Section has been created.
  • TR-7713 - Milestone: Milestone is not shown in Upcoming section when Start/End date are edited

Improvements (1)

  • TR-6770 - Enable all Enterprise features by default for Enterprise Trial Lead roles

Feature Request (1)

  • TR-6536 - After uploading BDD feature file, content under pystring are not populating in the UI


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