TestRail 8.0.1 Default (1033)

Early Access release track date: 25-Aug-2023

Default release track date: 7-Sep-2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail to Cloud customers.

Fixes and Improvements contains the following fixes:

  • TR-4492 - Gherkin Syntax for BDD .feature files is not fully supported

  • TR-4640 - After an upgrade to Jira 9.2.0,Testrail integration is not displaying correctly

  • TR-4713 - Broken link to Jira docs on testrail.io/index.php?/admin/integration

  • TR-5474 - BDD Scenarios shows as one line and 'carriage returns' doesn't work

  • TR-5479 - In the UI of Jira the TestRail case section does not expand enough to view all of the test cases

  • TR-5676 - Angle brackets in Gherkin (BDD) - Text disappeared

  • TR-5751 - BDD feature file error when using pystrings

  • TR-6425 - Test Run Print Reports no longer include test case fields

  • TR-6736 - Implement flag to prevent long running query from being executed

Get access to TestRail 8.0.1

TestRail 8.0.1 has been released for general availability to users on the Default release track. Get access to the features introduced in 8.0.1 now by completing your request to change release tracks here.

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