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Cloud release date: 9-January-2018

In TestRail 5.4.1 we decided to make user administration easier, with a few changes to the UI on the Users & Roles tab in the Administration area. We’ve had a number of requests from our customers for improvements to the way in which users are administrated. In the past, it’s been difficult for administrators of large installations to manage all of their users and groups.

Tabbed Users & Roles

We added some tabs to the Users & Roles section of the Administration area to make it easier for administrators to manage Users, Roles and Groups. Now, if they have a large number of users to administrate like in the image below, instead of scrolling up and down the page to add those users to groups or assign them specific roles, administrators can switch tabs instead.

We also made the users email address visible directly from the Users table. Before, administrators would have needed to drill down into each specific user in order to find out their email.


Export Users to CSV or Excel file

Of course, if like some of our customers, you have many hundreds of users to administrate – more drastic measures could be required. For that reason, we’ve made it possible for the list of users to be exported out of TestRail into an Excel or CSV file, so administrators can query and report on that list much more easily.

Fixes to Section Filter Bug and PHP 7 Email Capability

A few of our users made us aware there was a problem with the filtering mechanism when deleting sections from the Test Cases view. Basically, if you had filtered on one specific section, then deleted it, the view didn’t quite refresh properly. Kind of an edge-case I’m sure you’ll agree, but if it happened it was pretty annoying; so we fixed that.

Of somewhat more concern was the fact that some users couldn’t send out Email Notifications in some specific formats when their reports were completed. This was due to a deprecated function that wasn’t compatible with PHP 7 environments. You’ll be glad to hear, we fixed that too!

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Upgrading to TestRail 5.4.1

Upgrading to TestRail 5.4.1 is easy and if you benefit from any of the above improvements, we would recommend upgrading. We’ve included all the required details below to get TestRail 5.4.1 up and running, depending on the edition you use:

  • TestRail Cloud: Most accounts of TestRail Cloud already use the new version. Any accounts which don’t already have it can expect the upgrade over the next week or so.
  • TestRail Server (licensed): You can download the latest version or renew your support plan from your customer portal account.
  • TestRail Server (trial): Please contact us to upgrade your download trial.
  • New User: Want to try TestRail? Get a free trial.
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