TestRail 2.7.1 Default

Cloud release date: 22-February-2013

We are happy to announce that we just released an improved JIRA integration as part of TestRail 2.7.1. JIRA is one of the most popular issue tracking tools among TestRail users and we worked on a new defect plugin for JIRA’s new REST web service API.


This integration requires JIRA 5.x or later and comes with the following capabilities:

  • The integration uses JIRA’s REST API
  • We support more built-in fields by default
  • Support for customizing fields in the Push Defect dialog
  • Improved support for JIRA custom fields (no code changes required!)

To use the integration, simply select the Jira_REST defect plugin in TestRail under Administration > Integration. You can also learn more about the JIRA integration on our website here:

The integration is available in all TestRail Hosted accounts. If you are using a trial version of TestRail and would like to try the latest version, please contact us.


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