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Cloud release date: 9-September-2011

We are happy to announce the release of TestRail 2.4, an updated version of our web-based test management tool. This version introduces support for UI scripts (a way to customize TestRail’s user interface), time zones, a new defect plugin for Mantis, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. This release is also the base for a new TestRail Hosted offering we have been working on and which we will announce in a separate posting soon. Please see below for a detailed description of the new features and other improvements.

UI Scripts

TestRail 2.4 comes with a new powerful feature called UI Scripts that allows you to customize various aspects of TestRail’s user interface by using standard JavaScript code and style sheets. If you are familiar with the popular Greasemonkey set of browser plugins that inspired us to build this feature, you will feel right at home.

UI Scripts basically allow you to apply custom JavaScript code or style sheets to pages in TestRail. This can be used to customize smaller aspects of TestRail’s user interface such as changing the color of elements or hiding some settings or feature you don’t use. But you could also use UI Scripts to integrate custom applications with TestRail and implement similar larger customizations such as querying and highlighting data from external systems in TestRail.

uiscript add

As JavaScript can be used to manipulate all parts of TestRail’s user interface, the possible uses and customizations this feature enables are endless. UI Scripts can also be limited to just specific areas in TestRail and you can build project and user specific customizations as needed. You can learn more about UI Scripts by reading the documentation and taking a look at some examples.

Time zone support

As more and more distributed teams use TestRail, having the option to use server-independent time zones became more and more important. That’s why we are happy to introduce full support for time zones in TestRail.


TestRail allows you to configure a server-independent global time zone for your whole TestRail installation, or you can use different time zones for different users. Users can also change their time zones themselves under My Settings and immediately see all test times and other time information based on the configured time zone.

Defect plugin for Mantis

TestRail integrates with most (usually web-based) bug tracking tools. TestRail offers various integration options for different tools, and the advanced integration mechanisms to push bug reports from TestRail and look up the status of defects are implemented via customizable defect plugins. We are happy to introduce such a defect plugin for Mantis with TestRail 2.4, making it easier and more efficient to work with TestRail and Mantis. After upgrading to TestRail 2.4, you can find the new plugin under Administration > Site Settings > Integration tab for Mantis test management.

mantis push

Other improvements

TestRail 2.4 comes with dozens of additional improvements, user interface enhancements and bug fixes. For example, it’s now possible to use different views on the project overview page to make it easier to work with many projects. You can now also use additional placeholders in defect URLs to build custom URL integrations with external tools. Additional improvements include options to override TestRail’s web address, adjust the intervals of background tasks and to use file:// links in Markdown fields. You can view a full list of enhancements and changes in the changelog.

Getting the new version

Existing customers can download the new version from our customer portal. New users can download our QA management software or create a hosted trial on our website. If you want to update your existing TestRail trial (download or hosted), please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary details. Please refer to TestRail’s Admin Manual on how to upgrade an existing installation.

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