TestRail Beta 1.0.3

Cloud release date: 20-November-2009

We’re excited to announce the general availability of TestRail Beta 1.0.3 for TestRail customers with support for nested sections and section hierarchies, among other improvements and fixes.

nested sections small
Test suites now support nested subsections

When we originally planned and designed TestRail, we wanted to keep the structure of test plans as simple as possible for various reasons and decided that a flat list of sections and test cases would be ideal. After gathering beta feedback from users and using TestRail internally ourselves for various projects, we have come to the conclusion that nested sections and section hierarchies are needed to make test suites more scalable. When I say more scalable, I specifically mean that the ability to nest sections makes it possible to organize more test cases in the same suite. It also makes it a lot easier to adjust the suite structure to the needs of individual projects.

One of the reasons we originally implemented flat lists was that tree-based structures are usual hard to use, especially with web applications. So when we decided that we would allow nested sections within test suites, we wanted to make sure that it’s as easy to use as the rest of the application. As you can see in the screenshot below, we accomplished this by adding support for drag&drop, making it really easy to rearrange and copy sections and cases within test suites.

case drag drop
Test cases and sections can be moved and copied via drag&drop

We also improved and fixed a bunch of other things in this release and you can view the full change log of the version in our forum. Let us know if you have any questions about this release or if you notice anything not working correctly.

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