TestRail 8.0.1 Default (1029)

Early Access release track date: 15-June-2023

Default release track dates:

  • Group 1 -  22-June-2023
  • Group 2 - 30-June-2023
  • Group 3 - 6-July-2023
  • Group 4 - 11-July-2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail to all Default Release Track Cloud customers. TestRail 8.0 is mainly focused on supporting a PHP 8.1 environment in our hosted environment, so that we're running the latest and most secure version of PHP.

PHP 8.1 compatibility

In addition to support for critical vulnerabilities and security patches from the PHP development group, compatibility with PHP 8.1 will bring some performance improvements to the overall execution speed of the TestRail code, which all hosted customers will benefit from. 

New Branding

We’ve got some more exciting news… New TestRail branding! 🎉


TestRail 8.0 includes the new TestRail logo and some other minor UX adjustments to reflect the branding changes coming to a TestRail website near you.

Fixes and Improvements

8.0.1 contains a number of fixes and improvements, listed below:

  • TR-3156 - Pressing space for indenting at a beginning of a line take the line to the end of previous line
  • TR-3263 - Reports scheduled for 12.00 am every day will not display the time on the right side of the schedule.
  • TR-3364 - Delete icon does not show when doing a long press on certain file types
  • TR-3712 - Without the x-api-header: beta Header set in some API calls, The API will return "custom_automation_type": null BUT returns "custom_automation_type": 0 when x-api-header: beta Header is added
  • TR-3740 - TestRail Cloud: Reports are taking a long time to run/finish
  • TR-3815 - Attachments disappear from the steps fields if a value for a required field is not set up before saving a test case
  • TR-3850 - MFA: Unable to disconnect/disable Authenticator app for other users.
  • TR-3952 - Scheduled reports are not generating at all
  • TR-4009 - TR Cloud v7.5.0.6002: Unable to export values from a custom field into CSV/Excel
  • TR-4026 - PDF print reports have formatting issues after 7.5.1003 release
  • TR-4041 - Images pasted on the Actual Result field does not paste where the cursor is
  • TR-4134 - Test run and Milestone forecasting function no longer seem to work without user given Estimates.
  • TR-4191 - Test Case Status not recorded in Test Case History
  • TR-4209 - Workload Summary Report from a Completed Milestone returns blank
  • TR-4210 - Milestone Report: Case Status column contains empty values in PDF report
  • TR-4225 - API call get_plan returns {"error":"Trying to get property 'include_all' of non-object"}
  • TR-4241 - "SSO login disabled for you" error when SSO enabled and configured correctly.
  • TR-4281 - Role permission issue TestRail v7.5.4 Default (2000)
  • TR-4305 - Remove Guides and Help icon
  • TR-4325 - Duplicate steps fields when exporting to csv
  • TR-4329 - Highlight should be made to Test Cases when a section is selected
  • TR-4330 - Nested Bullet list not displaying properly
  • TR-4335 - Preconditions and Images are not saved while group editing Test Cases
  • TR-4351 - Dark and Classic Theme - UI issues
  • TR-4365 - Undefined offset: 0 when accessing idp metadata
  • TR-4429 - Parameterization - Data set values are not being displayed in 3 pane view
  • TR-4438 - No test cases found when sorting "Automation Type" filter
  • TR-4450 - Users getting "SSO Login is disabled for you" when using SSO login
  • TR-4451 - Duplicate text when copy pasting with markdown enabled v7.7.1 Early Access (2025)
  • TR-4461 - Unable to bulk edit "Is Administrator" option for Users
  • TR-4511 - Shared steps can only be shared one step at a time 7.7.1 Early Access (2025)
  • TR-4515 - Error on Assigned to while bulk editing Testcase.
  • TR-4522 - [Early Access (2025)] - Unable to move Test Cases to different sections
  • TR-4548 - Share/Import button does nothing when editing a test case in a test run in 3 pane view
  • TR-4562 - Test Case name is not fully visible after sorting by column
  • TR-4598 - get_plan API returns Error: HTTP 500 ({'error': 'Undefined property: stdClass::$dataset_id'}) [melsoft.testrail.io]
  • TR-4605 - [Dark Theme] Pressing Enter doesn't create a new line
  • TR-4630 - Test Cases table alignment is off when using filters
  • TR-4638 - Editing existing test cases - cannot add line break with some common browsers
  • TR-4645 - Characters are converted to unknown data showing as (?) question mark
  • TR-4652 - Typing & in search bar of Import > Shared Test Step doesn't return results
  • TR-4656 - Test Case History timestamps are not correctly using local timezone
  • TR-4695 - XML tags included in Defect plush gets turned into different character format
  • TR-5345 - Undefined Variable: actions' when using the Jira plugin to access a Testrail project
  • TR-5435 - Error Page displayed after uploading new image and saving the Test case/run/Milestone/Shared step/plan/case section
  • TR-5693 - Report not created and text overflow in the Reference field in Report section
  • TR-5825 - Field Start date is not in a valid date format in dashboard
  • TR-5866 - Updating/downgrading Cloud instance - old TestRail logo is present on the page
  • TR-5949 - Old TestRail logo is present on "Integration" page
  • TR-5958 - "Delete" button is not displayed for "medium/compact view"
  • TR-6009 - "Drop files here to attach" - broken icon for attached files
  • TR-6010 - Adding a multitude of attachments - attachment are not displayed in one row
  • TR-6012 - Add attachments from clipboard - only one attachment displayed
  • TR-6014 - Add attachment - "Save" button is not active
  • TR-6019 - Bulk test case edit - dropdown broken
  • TR-6020 - Edit Test Cases (Selected) - "Drop files here to attach" field broken
  • TR-6021 - Copy or Move test cases - blank not shown in Source dropdown
  • TR-6024 - Creating Project - project type radio button not displayed in default state
  • TR-6026 - Moving Cases to another Project - results are displayed in empty Run/Plan
  • TR-6072 - Adding a multitude of attachments to result - attachments are out of bounds
  • TR-6085 - Unsuccessful Case saving - attachments have shifted in the text field
  • TR-6086 - "Add an image to this text field" - page layout breaks
  • TR-6088 - Edit comment - Cannot add table/error occurs
  • TR-6092 - [Cloud] Entity search not working
  • TR-6093 - Shared Test Steps - "Additional step information" wrong field size
  • TR-6094 - Custom Result field - code instead of attachment displayed
  • TR-6095 - Comparing Case history - code instead of attachment displayed
  • TR-6097 - Run inside Plan - "Delete" button present/error occurs
  • TR-6105 - Forecasting function doesn't work
  • TR-6116 - MFA: User can not login and sees Error screen
  • TR-6122 - Using Elasticsearch - an error occurs
  • TR-6173 - TODO Page not working - “count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given”
  • TR-6205 - Edit columns in Fast track mode user needs to change tab to see the updated applied
  • TR-6217 - Issues with Sorting and filtering Test cases list
  • TR-6218 - Images in precondition field are not saved while group editing Test Cases
  • TR-6219 - Copy button image is not aligned correctly when three panel view
  • TR-6220 - Customizable chart functionality failing to load correctly
  • TR-6224 - Authenticator App - page layout is broken
  • TR-6225 - Images are not displayed in associated steps after attachment migration
  • TR-6231 - Getting "Undefined property: stdClass::$content" error
  • TR-6232 - When we get back to "all suites" it doesn't show shared test steps
  • TR-6278 - Showing Cross icon after deleting attachment from Test Plan Description
  • TR-6328 - Test Runs and Results - some additional text present with Run/Plan titles
  • TR-6329 - Add an image to the Step field is not possible
  • TR-6354 - Getting cross icon when Add Test Result-With Attachments-Inside Comment Text Area
  • TR-6368 - Test run added with empty fast track view
  • TR-6225 - Images are not displayed in associated steps after attachment migration
  • TR-6331 - Erroneous behavior when closing runs with files attached to results

Get access to TestRail 8.0.1

TestRail 8.0.1 has been released for general availability to all users in the Default Release Track. Get access to the features introduced in 8.0.1 now by completing your request to change release tracks here.

*We deploy releases to customers in phases. Customers in our Default release track are split into 4 groups, with ~weekly deployments separating them. The release will be made generally available to Server customers once we've completed the deployment to all Default Cloud groups.


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