Rerunning test cases

A rerun, in simple terms, can be seen as a clone of a test run or test plan, with identical settings, but without test results. This mechanism allows you to recreate previous test runs or plans without having to manually configure every setting.

Use cases for reruns

Reruns can be helpful in multiple situations, such as:

  • You want to create similar test runs with slightly different configurations, so you use one as a template
  • You have a release with bug fixes and want to validate the bugs that were generated by failed tests in a previous test run, so you execute a rerun with failed tests only
  • You had a lot of blocked tests that could not be executed in a particular test environment, but now there is a fully integrated environment, so you execute a rerun with only blocked tests
  • You have a new release and want to execute a regression test plan similar to one you had executed for a previous release


Using the rerun functionality

You can create a rerun in TestRail with the help of the following steps.

  • Open the test run or test plan you want to rerun
  • Click on the Rerun button


  • On the Select Tests dialog, select the status of the test cases you want to keep for your rerun and click the OK button


  • In the Add Test Run screen, all settings have been pre-filled with the settings from the test run or plan and the test selection should match the statuses you checked in the previous step, but you can still make changes to the new run or plan you are creating


  • When you click the Add Test Run button, a new test run or plan is created


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