Closing test runs and plans

In TestRail, closing a test run refers to marking a test run as completed or finished.

Archiving historical test results

When a test run or plan is closed, it indicates that all the test cases within in have been addressed and the testing phase for that particular set of test cases is considered complete.

Closing a test run archives the test results in that run, preventing any changes you make to test cases in the future from affecting tests you executed in that run and preventing you from adding new test results.

It also ensures that you can see precisely how historical tests were carried out when they were run.

Once the test run is closed, stakeholders can access the test results and reports without worrying about any changes being made. Closing a test run is crucial for maintaining consistent and reliable test metrics and analysis. It ensures that the data used for metrics calculation remains stable and accurate over time.

How to close a test run or plan

You can close a test run or test plan in TestRail with the help of the following steps.

  • Select the test run or plan that you want to close
  • Click on the lock icon in the toolbar at the top of the test run or test plan


  • Click Yes on the Confirmation dialog box. Please note that closing a test run cannot be undone


  • Once confirmed, you will see the This test run is completed banner, indicating that the test run has been closed


Rerunning closed test runs

Although you cannot re-open historical test runs, you can rerun all or part of the tests you previously executed by clicking the Rerun button in the top right-hand corner of the test run.

A window will appear allowing you to choose which tests you would like to run again based on the status of the test results you recorded in your test run.

If you want the same team members to run those tests in your new run, check the box that says Copy assigned to and the new tests will be assigned to that person again.

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