As a software tester, organizing and managing test cases is a critical aspect of ensuring the quality of your software. In TestRail, sections are used to organize and group related test cases. They act as containers or folders that can hold multiple test cases, allowing users to categorize and organize their test cases based on different criteria, such as functional areas, modules, or software features. Sections provide a hierarchical structure that allows for better organization and categorization of test cases, making it easier to manage and navigate through the testing process.

Creating sections for test cases

Creating test case sections in TestRail is a straightforward process. Once you have logged in to your TestRail account and navigated to the Test Cases tab in your corresponding project, you can click on the Add Section button to create a new section. You can give the section a meaningful name that reflects its purpose or content. For example, if you are testing an e-commerce web application, you can create sections such as Login, Registration, Payment  etc., to organize your test cases based on different functionalities.



Creating subsections within sections

You can also create sub-sections within sections to further categorize your test cases. This allows you to create a hierarchical structure that reflects the organization of your tests, making it easy to locate and manage your test cases.

To create a subsection with the given section, you can click on the Add Subsection link within the corresponding section.


Once you have created sections and subsections, you can drag and drop them to reorder them within the same project using the sections tree on the right hand panel. This allows you to arrange them based on your testing priorities or requirements.

Organizing test cases with sections

Once you have created your sections, you can start organizing your test cases within these sections. You can click on a test case and drag it to the desired section to move it You can easily move test cases from one section to another using the drag-and-drop functionality by simply dragging one test case, or by selecting multiple test cases and dragging one of them.



While creating a new test case, you can find all available sections or subsections within the Section drop-down of Add Test Case screen. From here, you can select the corresponding section or subsection for the test case.


How to edit or delete the sections or subsections

If you want to edit or delete any section, you can do it by clicking on the edit and delete icons for the corresponding sections or subsections, as shown in the screenshots below.


Be cautious when deleting a section. Deleting a section will also delete any nested subsections and test cases within that section, causing irreversible loss of test case data.




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