TestRail Server

Early Access release track date: April 19, 2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail 8.0 to Early Access Server customers. TestRail 8.0 is a release primarily focused on supporting a PHP 8.1 environment for our on-premise customers, as well as in our own hosted (cloud) environment.

TestRail 8.0 is available for Server customers who wish to upgrade urgently to an "early access" version in order to upgrade to PHP 8.1.

We recommend that all other customers wait until the "default" version of TestRail 8.0 is available. TestRail 8.0 "default" will be available after the release is deployed to cloud customers. Customers who wish to upgrade to TestRail 8.0 should request the installation files here: TestRail 8.0 Installation Files Request Form

PHP 8.1 compatibility

In addition to support for critical vulnerabilities and security patches from the PHP development group, compatibility with PHP 8.1 will bring some minor performance improvements to the overall execution speed of the TestRail code, which all users will benefit from. 

To ensure that all of our Server customers can benefit from installing or upgrading to TestRail 8.0, we’ve refreshed all of our installation guides:

Installation requirements: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/12980108299284
Running Phpinfo diagnostics: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/12981426500116
Installing SQLsrv PHP extension: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13179509855892
Preparing Windows Server for installation: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/12987254312724
Cassandra installation for Windows: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13019600239636
Creating empty SQL DB on Windows: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13051622041492
Installing TestRail on Windows: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13053093999124
Preparing Linux server for installation: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13018722259732
Cassandra installation for Linux: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13096312762132
Creating empty SQL DB on Linux: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13054442355348
Installing TestRail on Linux: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13095111180052
Upgrading TestRail from 7.5 on Windows: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13285687078676
Upgrading TestRail from 7.5 on Linux: https://support.testrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/13289774493588

Please note that our recommended upgrade path is via TestRail 7.5 at present. If you’re still running TestRail 7.0 or below, you should upgrade to 7.5 first, and follow-up with an upgrade to 8.0. 

Hosted customers will receive the TestRail 8.0 code on their preferred release track.

Catchup with TestRail 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 Cloud Features 

Test parameterization

It’s now even easier to complete your work in less time with the introduction of test parameterization for TestRail Enterprise customers. Test parameterization gives you the ability to run the same test case with multiple inputs so that you can verify multiple scenarios without having to duplicate that test case. With test parameterization, you can achieve faster test case design, increased test coverage, and reduced test case maintenance. Learn more about test parameterization here.


Jira integration improvements

Users on all TestRail plans can now streamline workflows through an improved Jira integration that allows all customers to edit Jira issues directly from within TestRail, link test plans and milestones to Jira issues, and provide increased visibility into associated TestRail data from within Jira. You can learn more about the bidirectional integration here.

New BDD template

You can now design and execute BDD scenarios natively in TestRail. Import and export feature files and use Gherkin keywords to give structure to your BDD testing activities in TestRail. For more details, check out the full BDD documentation here.

Customizable charts

Customizable charts give you the power to get the information you need more quickly, directly from the Dashboard and Project Overview pages. View and explore data through cross-project reporting as well as the ability to filter and refine chart information. Learn how to customize and refine your charts here.


Ignore test results in reporting

Administrators can now configure an additional setting on your test statuses to exclude results from reporting. Using a custom status that is set to ignore test results helps ensure all information in your charts and reports is relevant to the current situation even if your scope of testing changes or cases are not yet ready for testing. Learn how to ignore test results in reporting here.


Property Distribution customizable stacking

You can now generate more detailed Property Distribution reports through the ability to customize your chart grouping. A second attribute can be selected so that you can stack test cases by a second attribute such as priority, automation type, created by, and more. Learn more about customizable stacking in the Property Distribution reports here.


Once we’ve fully rolled out the TestRail 8.0 release, we won’t be supporting versions of TestRai Serverl older than 7.0.

New Branding

We’ve got some more exciting news… New TestRail branding! 🎉


TestRail 8.0 includes the new TestRail logo and some other minor UX adjustments to reflect the branding changes coming to a TestRail website near you.

Fixes and Improvements

With the TestRail 8.0 release mainly focused on supporting our Server customers, we’ve included quite a number of fixes related to on-prem installation and smooth running. We haven’t forgotten about our Hosted customers though! There’s some cloud goodies in the list below too:

  • TR-2734 - Filter options for media library not in view
  • TR-2944 - In Bulk Edit mode when user edit any TextField value then checkbox for that TextField does not get auto selected
  • TR-2983 - UI- Result Step fields are not shown in bold letters in classic and Modern theme mode
  • TR-3054 - Up/Down arrows for imported shared test steps do not work properly
  • TR-3156 - Pressing space for indenting at a beginning of a line take the line to the end of previous line
  • TR-3263 - Reports scheduled for 12.00 am everyday will not display the time on the right side of the schedule
  • TR-3274 - A user with no permanent delete permissions of cases and sections cannot move the test cases from one project to another
  • TR-3364 - Delete icon does not show when doing a long press on certain file types
  • TR-3488 - Imported Shared Steps shows as index instead of Text on CSV export
  • TR-3712 - Without the x-api-header: beta Header set in some API calls, The API will return "custom_automation_type": null BUT returns "custom_automation_type": 0 when x-api-header: beta Header is added
  • TR-3730 - Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
  • TR-3740 - TestRail Cloud: Reports are taking a long time to run/finish
  • TR-3748 - Exported CSV and Excel showing incorrect test case information for drop down fields
  • TR-3766 - Not all users are showing up when trying to use the Assign To button to assign a Test to a User
  • TR-3776 - Import from CSV - Steps(References) selected - Error "Undefined variable: project"
  • TR-3788 - PHP memory Errors when exporting milestones
  • TR-3805 - Exporting a TestRun with the "Excel drop-down Option" generates a CSV instead of an Excel file
  • TR-3808 - Adding plain Text format in steps-separated field customization is displaying an error in case history page
  • TR-3812 - Test runs exported to an Excel file with the option "Include separated steps on separate rows " checked don't have seperate rows for the steps.
  • TR-3815 - Attachments disappear from the steps fields if a value for a required field is not set up before saving a test case
  • TR-3830 - Multiple errors when accessing test cases and/or when deleting an image in Test Steps or when replacing an image
  • TR-3850 - MFA: Unable to disconnect/disable Authenticator app for other users.
  • TR-3855 - Trying to get property 'filetype' of non-object while trying to click/delete attachments
  • TR-3890 - Bulk editing users changes the SSO enabled value in the Database to Null on TestRail Server
  • TR-3892 - API: get_attachments_for_run resolves in internal 500 error
  • TR-3896 - Classic and dark theme shows compressed fields when adding a test case
  • TR-3927 - Editing Test Results with images shows sourcecode on the Textarea.
  • TR-3929 - Printout of Test Cases - Table headers don't align with texts. Some Texts overlap. Some strange checkboxes
  • TR-3952 - Scheduled reports are not generating at all
  • TR-3965 - Print reports no longer display test cases for test runs inside a test plan (Outline)
  • TR-3996 - Todo Graph displaying information for Users who do not have any Todo in graph
  • TR-4006 - Error (Undefined property: stdClass::$custom_XXX) Thrown when trying to compare Test Case versions
  • TR-4009 - Unable to export values from a custom field into CSV/Excel
  • TR-4023 - Audit logs shows non-relevant updates in test runs/plans
  • TR-4026 - PDF print reports have formatting issues after 7.5.1003 release
  • TR-4041 - Images pasted on the Actual Result field does no paste where the cursor is
  • TR-4049 - Print reports keeps loading for test runs (details option)
  • TR-4059 - Users are able to login with local credentials when "Authentication Fallback" is disabled on SSO config
  • TR-4060 - Cannot save/update while bulk editing users.
  • TR-4086 - "Too few arguments to function User_model::insert_ex()..." error during LDAP/AD integration
  • TR-4107 - Gets the error Undefined property: stdClass::$items when creating/Editing Test Cases
  • TR-4125 - The 'Enter Key' isn't working in Firefox v100.0.2
  • TR-4126 - Unable to push defect to Trello when custom field is configure (Trello does not work with custom field)
  • TR-4132 - "Undefined property: stdClass::$customfield_" error when pushing a defect to Jira
  • TR-4134 - Test run and Milestone forecasting function no longer seem to work without user given Estimates.
  • TR-4139 - Unexpected uploading error occurred when trying to replace an attachment
  • TR-4142 - Simple Lists : Numbered - Markdown not keeping track of the numbers
  • TR-4148 - Angle brackets ('<' '>'), ampersand (&) etc are converted to html encoding in test cases
  • TR-4149 - Images are not saved to the corresponding steps when adding results
  • TR-4154 - Favicon missing when loading TEST RUNS & RESULTS Tab
  • TR-4157 - Vulnerability 8.1 - Cross Site Scripting (Stored)
  • TR-4158 - Vulnerability 8.2 - Improper Session Management
  • TR-4161 - CTRL+Z does not undo an action
  • TR-4169 - Subsections are removed when sections without Test Cases are filtered
  • TR-4191 - Test Case Status not recorded in Test Case History
  • TR-4209 - Workload Summary Report from a Completed Milestone returns blank
  • TR-4210 - Milestone Report: Case Status column contains empty values in PDF report
  • TR-4225 - API call get_plan returns {"error":"Trying to get property 'include_all' of non-object"}
  • TR-4228 - Text can’t be pasted on the Actual Result field
  • TR-4229 - API error when calling get_plan and get_sections
  • TR-4232 - "Field Test Case is a required field" error when adding a table to a test case steps field in a 3-panel mode
  • TR-4241 - "SSO login disabled for you" error when SSO enabled and configured correctly.
  • TR-4245 - Vulnerability 8.5 - No Password Length Restriction
  • TR-4246 - Vulnerability 8.6 - No Rate Limit on Reset Password Link Generation
  • TR-4248 - User Enumeration
  • TR-4263 - Wrong formatting on Precondition Text box
  • TR-4269 - Image attachments not showing on Steps/Results
  • TR-4281 - Role permission issue
  • TR-4282 - Drag and drop while copying a test case is broken.
  • TR-4294 - Drag & drop (copy) of a Test Case will not show correctly unless the page is refreshed
  • TR-4303 - Getting Undefined Offset: 1 error
  • TR-4305 - Remove Guides and Help icon
  • TR-4315 - Wrong format when initially displaying copied Test Cases
  • TR-4322 - UI content not displaying completely when editing Test Plan
  • TR-4323 - Test case status not Changing to Default status
  • TR-4325 - Duplicate steps fields when exporting to csv
  • TR-4329 - Highlight should made to Test Cases when a section is selected
  • TR-4330 - Nested Bullet list not displaying properly
  • TR-4331 - Section description does not add a scroll bar when adding long data text
  • TR-4335 - Preconditions and Images are not saved while group editing Test Cases
  • TR-4341 - Test Case Add/Delete activities are appearing on Overview page
  • TR-4351 - Dark and Classic Theme - UI issues
  • TR-4362 - TR cloud/server 7.5.x: 'Add Multiple users' functionality breaks when Project Administration is enabled
  • TR-4365 - Undefined offset: 0 when accessing idp metadata
  • TR-4376 - The Previous History of fields of bulk edited Cases are not shown
  • TR-4382 - Error while trying to restore the test case
  • TR-4383 - Unable to navigate or enter text after pasting an image
  • TR-4387 - Issue with Uploading attachment with drag-drop in Test Case template.
  • TR-4404 - Issue when selecting the “Update existing test cases” option when doing an XML import from exported XML file from the same project
  • TR-4413 - When the user deletes Shared Step - Attachments in the test case look broken
  • TR-4414 - Creating a shared step from the test case steps - Edit the test case - Broken attachment in the Preconditions field
  • TR-4416 - Field Suite is not a valid Test Suite
  • TR-4429 - Parameterization - Data set values are not being displayed in 3 pane view
  • TR-4438 - No test cases found when sorting "Automation Type" filter
  • TR-4439 - Can't delete test steps in bulk
  • TR-4450 - Users getting "SSO Login is disabled for you" when using SSO login
  • TR-4451 - duplicate text when copy pasting with markdown enabled v7.7.1 Early Access (2025)
  • TR-4461 - Unable to bulk edit "Is Administrator" option for Users
  • TR-4511 - Shared steps can only be shared one step at a time 7.7.1 Early Access (2025)
  • TR-4515 - Error on Assigned to while bulk editing Testcase
  • TR-4522 - Unable to move Test Cases to different sections
  • TR-4548 - Share/Import button does nothing when editing a test case in a test run in 3 pane view
  • TR-4561 - Field Start date is not in a valid date format in dashboard
  • TR-4562 - Test Case name is not fully visible after sorting by column
  • TR-4598 - get_plan API returns Error: HTTP 500 ({'error': 'Undefined property: stdClass::$dataset_id'})
  • TR-4605 - [Dark Theme] Pressing Enter doesn't create a new line
  • TR-4630 - Test Cases table alignment is off when using filters
  • TR-4633 - strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given error when attempting to close Test Run
  • TR-4638 - Editing existing test cases - cannot add line break with some common browsers
  • TR-4645 - Characters are converted to unknown data showing as (?) question mark
  • TR-4652 - Typing & in search bar of Import > Shared Test Step doesn't return results
  • TR-4656 - Test Case History timestamps are not correctly using local timezone
  • TR-4695 - XML tags included in Defect plush gets turned into different character format
  • TR-5693 - Report not created and text overflow in the Reference field in Report section
  • TR-5825 - Field Start date is not in a valid date format in dashboard
  • TR-5866 - Updating/downgrading Cloud instance - old TestRail logo is present on the page
  • TR-6008 - get_plan API returns Error: HTTP 500

Get access to TestRail Server 8.0

TestRail 8.0 is available for Server customers who wish to upgrade urgently to an "early access" version in order to upgrade to PHP 8.1.

We recommend that all other customers wait until the "default" version of TestRail 8.0 is available. TestRail 8.0 "default" will be available after the release is deployed to cloud customers. Customers who wish to upgrade to TestRail 8.0 should request the installation files here: TestRail 8.0 Installation Files Request Form

TestRail Enterprise

Enterprise makes it even easier to oversee multiple testing projects across multiple teams, all in one place. To try the Enterprise plan at no cost to you, please sign in and reach out to our Support Team, or if you are not signed in, click the Submit a request button on the top right of this page.


I’m still using TestRail 7.0.2 (or lower); should I update directly to TestRail 8.0?

- We strongly recommend updating to each major TestRail version before upgrading to TestRail 8.0, due to the various database changes introduced along the way. 

I’m upgrading from 7.0.2 (or lower) and need to migrate my attachments during the upgrade. At what point should I run the migration script and how?

- The migration script should be executed after the TestRail 8.0 upgrade has been carried out. 

Are there any known issues with the release version currently?

- Attempting to install in a CentOS 7.5.2009 environment appears to be problematic for some customers. The issue is currently under investigation.

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