TestRail 7.8.0 Default (1140)

Early Access release track date: 28-February-2023

Default release track dates:

  • Group 1 -  3-March-2023
  • Group 2 - 8-March-2023

We’re pleased to announce the release of TestRail 7.8.0 Default (1140) to Early Access and Default release track Cloud customers. This release will be rolled out gradually to remaining Default Track customers and contains fixes for the following issues:

  • TR-4598 - get_plan API returns Error: HTTP 500 ({'error': 'Undefined property: stdClass::$dataset_id'}) [melsoft.testrail.io]
  • TR-4704 - chart takes too long to time out
  • TR-5063-  Pagination not working in Test Runs & Results tab[Early Access]
  • TR-5455-  Undefined variable: filter_statuses_id when navigating from page 1 to next page in test plan/run
  • TR-5552-  Data Management / attachments - not showing attachments list (old attach)
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