TestRail 7.7 Early Access

Early Access release track date: 22-July-2022

Default release track date: Not Released

We’re excited to announce the release of TestRail 7.7 for users on the Early Access release track.

New BDD Template

You can now design and execute BDD scenarios natively in TestRail. Import and export feature files and use Gherkin keywords to give structure to your BDD testing activities in TestRail. For more details, check out the BDD documentation here.

Improved Search for TestRail

Good news! TestRail 7.7 introduces big improvements to the search experience across your TestRail instance:

  • You can search all text fields across all of your projects in your TestRail instance from your Dashboard.

  • You can filter search results by category, date range, and more.

  • You can see a list of items you’ve recently viewed, like test cases and runs.

You can learn about more time-saving search functionality by checking out the search documentation here.

Enable WYSIWYG Text Formatting

As of TestRail 7.7, you can now enable a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor to more easily format text when creating new projects. The new WYSIWYG editor gives you a text-formatting toolbar to make it easier for you to add different effects and formatting to text fields, such as font color and background highlighting. For more details, check out the text formatting documentation here.

Database Optimizations

Users with significant amounts of data will also see performance gains with the release of TestRail 7.7. Data-heavy transactions, such as loading a large number of test runs and test plans on the Milestones page.

Get Access to TestRail 7.7

TestRail 7.7 has been released for general availability to users on the Early Access release track. Get access to the 7.7 features now by completing your request to change release tracks.

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