Running Phpinfo() diagnostics - 8.0 version


TestRail 8.0 is available for Server customers who wish to upgrade urgently to an "early access" version. We recommend that all other customers wait until the "default" version of TestRail 8.0 is available. TestRail 8.0 "default" will be available after the release is deployed to cloud customers.

The phpinfo() function can be used to output a large amount of information about your PHP installation and can be used to identify installation and configuration problems. To run the function, just create a new file called phpinfo.php and place it into the root directory of your web server. Now open the file in a text editor and add the following content:

After saving the file, just point your web browser at it to view its result (i.e., open http://<server>/phpinfo.php). You should see something like the following output. This information can also be useful for the Gurock Software support to diagnose installation problems.




Include this information when submitting a support request if you’re facing installation issues.

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