TestRail Jira Integration FAQs

This article covers a number of frequently-asked questions around the TestRail Jira integration.

Can I use the TestRail-Jira integration to generate a requirements traceability matrix?

Yes, you can use TestRail because of its comprehensive reporting capabilities. TestRail provides traceability and coverage reports like Comparison for References, Coverage for References, and Summary for References.

If you're just in the test case design phase and want to get insights on the coverage provided by the test cases you have written in your TestRail test case repository, you can use the Coverage for References (Cases) report. In case your goal is to see test execution details, such as results and reported defects for each requirement or user story, you should make use of the Comparison for References (Results) and Summary for References (Defects) reports.

  • The Coverage for References (Cases) report will help you find which test cases are covering each requirement, or if the requirement is not covered by any test case. It also shows you the test cases that are not linked to any requirement
  • The Comparison for References (Results) report gives you visibility over the results reported for each of your requirements, as well as requirements for which results haven't been submitted yet, or have no test cases covering them
  • The Summary for References (Defects) report provides an overview of the defects reported for each of your requirements

For more information and use cases for TestRail reports, you can refer to the Reports overview guide.


Do I need to pay to use 'TestRail for Jira Test Management' app on Jira?

The 'TestRail for Jira Test Management' app/add-on is free on the Atlassian marketplace but requires a paid TestRail subscription.

TestRail is a commercial web application that helps teams be more productive. We invest resources, manpower, and time to develop, test, and provide TestRail to customers. The add-on is a free extra feature we offer customers to easily see linked test cases, results, and reports in Jira. We don't charge extra for these features. A Jira instance and a TestRail account/instance is all you need.


Do I need to be a TestRail user to view TestRail results within Jira?

Yes, when working in Jira, you must be logged into TestRail (i.e. licensed) to view the TestRail data linked to the issue/feature/bug you're working on.


How to fix the error "You are not yet logged in to TestRail. Please log in to use the integration."?

To access Jira, you must have an active TestRail login session on the same browser. The SameSite cookie issue usually causes this error. It can usually be resolved by finding the SameSite by default cookies option and disabling it.


Can I integrate one TestRail instance with multiple Jira instances?

Yes, you can set up multiple integrations. A global instance integration can be set up in the Administration > Integration page by clicking the Configure Integration button in the Jira panel.

scrnli_5_24_2024_9-55-23 AM.png

For multiple Jira instances, you can use the Project-level configuration by going to Administration > Projects and overriding the configurations in the Defects and References tabs. This means you can have one Jira instance per TestRail project.

scrnli_5_24_2024_10-08-49 AM.png


Can I integrate the 'TestRail for Jira Test Management' app with multiple TestRail instances?

Yes, you can set up the Jira app to integrate with multiple TestRail instances. Simply add a new TestRail connection through your apps management page in Jira.

I installed the 'TestRail for Jira Test Management' app, but I can't see TestRail test results in my Jira issues. How do I enable it?

After installing the 'TestRail for Jira Test Management' app, the first time you open a Jira issue, you may need to click on the three dots button shown in the screenshot below and select 'TestRail: Results'. This will show the TestRail: Results section below your regular issue fields. You can then click 'Show' to expand the results panel.


Please take a look at the TestRail Jira App guide for more instructions.


Can you integrate with all Jira installation types (Cloud, Server, Data Center) and are there any differences in the level of integration?

The integration works with all Jira installation types and the same information is shared between the platforms. You can find more details on how to connect to each type in the links below:


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